Advenduro Tours is always interested in finding new ways to combine speed and skill. As a result we’ve added Time Trials to most of our events. The time trial is always an optional activity, and you are not required to participate. But after you watch your buddies feel the rush of adrenaline, you just might need to give it a try yourself!

Here’s how they work:

Prior to an event, someone from the Advenduro Tours team will route the time trial course with your group. Once everyone feels familiar and comfortable with the course, we’ll send out riders one at a time to see who can beat the clock!

For all of our trips and events recommend the following GPS Smart Phone Apps, Handheld GPS Units, and Resources:

Apple iPhone-

Topo Maps ($7.99)
Hands down the best navigation application available to smart phone users! This application might cost $8, but it’s probably worth hundreds of dollars. First off, Topo Maps has access to hundreds of public (free) USGS map databases. Also, you are able to download an entire region to your device, so it will be available if you lose cell reception. This has proven to be extremely valuable to all the Advenduro Guides, as we are rarely within cell service. You will also find that the USGS maps are highly detailed, as you will see everything from creeks to abandon gold mines! Entering and navigating to GPS coordinate is also very easy.


BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS ($11.99)
If you hang out with the ATV/UTV or adventure motorcycle crowd, you will find that most of those people are huge fans of BackCountry Navigator. It is definitely the best GPS app for the purpose of storing offline maps, marking waypoints, and navigating to GPS coordinates. It uses the USGS topo maps, so it has the highest level of detail you can get. There are hundreds of tutorial videos available online to bring you up to speed.

Handheld Devices-

The handheld GPS market is constantly changing, so we won’t recommend specific units. Rather we will tell you what you should look for. First off, it’s critical to have reliable product support and a community to back that brand. So we only endorse two companies in the handheld GPS market; Garmin and Delorme. Both are excellent companies with a long history of making great products. However, we have always found that Garmin is notorious for “nickel and diming” its customers any chance they get. So expect to pay a lot more than the hardware cost with Garmin, as you will likely have to pay annually for updates to your maps. Delorme on the other hand, sells their products with maps and updates included. This makes their products a lot more affordable.