In addition to providing our guests with an incredible, stress-free adventure on two wheels, Advenduro Tours wants to make sure your two wheels are in the best shape that they can be! To that end, we’ve created the EnduroKit Website….

Your one-stop location for building premium Enduro Performance, Maintenance, and Gear Packages.

From here, you can take a look at a few of the awesome performance enhancers we endorse, or you can head straight to our retail website to begin building your own Performance Package!

Featured Products:

Tried and true over decades of perfection, if you want to upgrade your exhaust system you turn to FMF Racing. Advenduro Tours has partnered with FMF in order to help you build the most efficient and appealing exhaust system for your machine. With better torque, higher horsepower, and solid durability, you will be able to feel the difference on the trail. Built exclusively in the USA, you know you’re adding a quality part to your machine when you attach an FMF muffler or pipes to your dirt bike. Check out our EnduroKit Website to see what kinds of exhaust systems work with your Performance Package!


A revolution in the clutch industry. All Advenduro Tours bikes are outfitted with a Rekluse Auto-clutch; we feel the system give us more liberty to enjoy the ride. Don’t get us wrong… you still have to shift gears! But feathering becomes a thing of the past, since you can come to a complete stop and remain in gear. Advenduro Tours wants your machine to be a thing of beauty, ease, and efficiency. The Rekluse clutch can help you achieve that. A game-changer in the world of performance clutches, this is the system we stand by. Check out our EnduroKit Website to see which Rekluse Clutch works with your Performance Package!

Flexx bar

The Flexx Handlebar absorbs a percentage of the shock and vibration that is usually transferred to your body when you ride, allowing you to go farther and longer with a greater control over your machine. Flexx is a 100% USA manufactured product, built from premium aluminum and tested to withstand the most rugged of impact. When you upgrade your machine with Advenduro’s EnduroKit, you don’t want to miss out on including the Flexx Handlebars. The smoothness of the ride, combined with Fasst Company’s precision technology, will prove to be a valuable asset on the trail. Check out our EnduroKit Website to see which Flexx Handlebars are right in your Performance Package!

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