Our Partners


Tucker Rocky

Tucker Rocky is a leading distributor of motorcycle and ATV aftermarket parts, accessories, and apparel. Offering tens of thousands of products from the finest brands for street, custom, touring, off-road motorcycles, and ATVs, Advenduro Tours is proud to be partnered with this company.


Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems, Inc. is the world’s acknowledged market leader in wirelessBluetooth® and DMC™ communication systems for motorcyclists. Cardo offers some of the most advanced devices in communication and entertainment systems available today.


Southern Utah Adventure Center

Advenduro Tours loves working with SUAC. A company that provides ATV (and other extreme sport) rentals, they go the extra mile in making their customers feel like royalty. All rentals can be driven right from their shop to some of the best trails in Utah. And that’s why we choose them whenever we need an extra RZR or two… unparalleled support and partnership, with an attitude that centers around your vacation being the best vacation.


Osprey Packs

Osprey Packs values the outdoor experience and being able to step away from the daily grind, carrying only what you need in your pack. Taking time to be in the present and to concern yourself with the immediate surroundings is something that Advenduro Tours and Osprey Packs have in common. Being able to take the essentials out on the trail in a quality pack and personal hydration system is why Advenduro Tours decided to partner with Osprey Packs.



Backcountry is all about connecting people to their passions through providing the best in outdoor gear. It only made sense for Advenduro Tours to connect with the best in the business!



Revolutionizing the way you ride. ProTaper is off-road moto-centric in making sure that your riding experience, from your fingertips to the tips of your fork, exceed in excellence. Begun as primarily an after market handlebar manufacturer, ProTaper now offers a full line of quality products dedicated to improving the performance of your motorcycle.



Answer Racing Company engineers motocross gear for superior protection and comfort. Dedicated to providing hardcore riders with gear they can trust, ANSR is just the answer for Advenduro Tours’ apparel needs.


Fasst Company

Fasst Company began with a desire to create handmade motorcycle and ATV products that provide you with a better day of riding. Every part is designed and manufactured with the rider’s comfort and performance in mind. Out on the trail, the quality of a part can make the difference between a successful trick and a bent clutch lever. Advenduro Tours knows when take advantage of the quality this company provides.



Every dirt bike in the Advenduro Tours stable is outfitted with a Rekluse auto clutch. The Rekluse auto clutch features centrifugally driven anti-stall technology, which allows you to focus on the trail, not your feathering technique. All of the Rekluse clutch products are precision engineered and made of high-quality aluminum, providing the best in performance and durability.


Neutech TUbliss

TUbliss replaces conventional tubes with a high pressure, rim-protecting inner bladder which acts as a rim lock, sealing the tire to the full circumference of the rim. In addition to being lighter than a conventional inner tube system, the rim protection system acts as a 100PSI bumper, allowing the tire to absorb more of the impact forces before they ever get to the rim. Advenduro Tours understands the value of replacing tube tires with a set of the TUbliss for every bike we own.


Baja Designs

Not much is more important than being able to se the trail in front of you. That is what Baja Designs is all about. Setting the industry standard in LED lights and kits, Baja Designs is dedicated to making sure your bike is visible and your trail is clear.



FMF Racing has been hand-building exhaust systems in the US since water-cooled engines were a new thing. Dedicated to taking machinery to its limit in performance and perfection, FMF Racing wants to make sure that when you throw your leg over the bike, you have the best experience on the trail possible.

Industry Nine Logo and Text - R&B

Industry Nine

Industry Nine is all about the ultimate in bicycle wheels and tires. Designing and manufacturing for both on and off road, the company consists of twelve individuals who hand craft every wheel that hits the road. With complete in-house manufacturing, Industry Nine is dedicated to custom satisfaction with every wheel.


Pivot Cycles

The goal at Pivot Cycles is to build the best performance bike out there. And we can agree they’re doing it! These cutting edge bikes take your experience to the next level, whether it’s doing downhill trails, XC, or a gravel road.


Cane Creek

Dedicated to making your bicycle better. Cane Creek designs and manufactures after-market suspension, seats, brakes, and levers to customize your bike to perfection. Every element affects the handling of your bike on the trail, and being able to read the smallest nuances of your bike will change the way you ride.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

One of our trusted sources for motocross gear, parts, and tires, this place has it all. Offering a wide selection of gear, apparel, and parts, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Rocky Mountain.

TM Designworks

TM Designworks

Recognized as the leader of chain slide-n-glide technology, TMD has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years. Manufactured exclusively in the USA, TMD’s dirt bike chain glide components are the preferred choice for racers and weekend warriors alike.

Scotts Performance

Scotts Performance

Steering stabilization for the most hard-core riders! The Scotts Performance Steering Stabilizer is a fully adjustable hydraulic shock absorbing damper, mounted just above your handlebars. Compatible with most after-market handlebars, Scotts Performance knows how to make your ride stay smooth and straight. Outfitted with a separate and adjustable high speed valving system, Scotts has done their homework.