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Hi Friends!

There’s nothing quite like riding mountain bikes in Southern Utah in the spring. The temperatures are cool, and the dirt is perfect! We have some of the best and most scenic mountain biking in the country. And it’s the perfect place to get away from it all…and the perfect place to host a mountain bike clinic.

Advenduro Tours will be hosting another Mountain Bike Skills Clinic with Jeff Kendall-Weed! That’s right, YouTube’s Mountain Biker Star, King of Wheelies, and overall AWESOME guy, Jeff Kendall-Weed will be showing us his bag of tricks!
If you haven’t already seen Jeff’s videos on YouTube, then do it now! Jeff is a BICP Certified Mountain Bike Instructor and has over 20 years of riding. He has incredible technical skills honed from years of BMX, Cross-Country, and Trials Riding…and the ability to help people understand those techniques…and he’s such a damn great guy! Just check out his Patreon page and you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re an aspiring mountain biker who’s new to the sport, or whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been riding for decades…then this clinic is for you!
Why are we so confident about the value of this clinic? Well, first off, it’s incredible how many fundamental skills are overlooked by mountain bikers of all skill levels. With a deep analysis of these skills, proper instruction, and lots of hands on practice with the pros, every student will walk away as a much better rider. In our upcoming clinic we will cover, in detail, the following subjects:

Braking Skills
Our first clinic that we hosted back in 2019, proved that even some of the BEST riders have no idea why they are good on a bike…That’s right, you can ride a bike for years, and be unaware of those subtle nuances that make you a better rider. Case in point, what’s the best way to stop your bike? Is it better to grab a hand full of brakes, or should your treat your brake lever like an anti-lock braking system (ABS)? There’s a time and place for both methods, and we’re going to show you how and when to use them. (Before you can go fast, you must know how to stop)
Take for instance the skills required to stop your bike within a few feet, without skidding your tires. Most of these students were INCREDIBLE riders, already well capable of navigating the most difficult trails.

After a series of braking “skills and drills”, all our students walked away with much better control over their brakes.

Balance Skills
Admittedly, our courses are tailored for the mountain bikers who appreciate the technical stuff, and not so much for the cross-country crowd. If your idea of a good time is “session-ing” a challenging technical feature until you’ve conquered it…then this is your clinic.

Balance is the foundation for conquering technical climbs and slow chunky descents. If you’re new to riding mountain bikes, or maybe have a road-biking background, you might struggle with moving slowly on your mountain bike. Fortunately learning how to balance yourself on a mountain bike, can be fairly simple, if you learn some key concepts on body placement and mental focus. Initially your muscles will quiver like the legs of a baby giraffe, but once you understand the sensation you should feel when doing it right, you will be an instantly better rider.

A few days after our last clinic, our students all reported that their core muscles were sore like never before. It’s proof that your body is learning new techniques, and you are progressing in your sport!

Trials Skills
It’s no coincidence that the best mountain bikers in the world all have a “trials” background.

What is it about Trails Riding that makes us better riders? First off, it’s all about balance. To be good at trials is to be good at moving slowly, and you can’t do that with bad balance. But the next part of the equation is about body mechanics. With proper body mechanics you learn how to use your bike’s suspension, drive train, and your momentum, to do all the hard work! Case in point, the world’s best trials riders are under 150lbs, and are still able to propel a bike that’s equal to their weight up a wall from a dead stop!

In our clinic, we will get your proficient with the most critical trial skills for mountain biking, including:
Front & Rear Pivot Turns
Bunny Hops
Wheelies & Manuals

If you’re a fan of Jeff Kendall-Weed, then you know he’s the King of Wheelies & Manuals! Who doesn’t LOVE wheelies? They’re easily one of the coolest tricks you can do on a bike, right? But did you know that executing a wheelie at the proper moment on a trail can save your life? I know it sounds overly dramatic. But seriously, the ability to get your front wheel up when you need it, will help every aspect of your mountain biking career, and keep you from falling flat on your face.

You might already have a decent wheelie in your bag of tricks, or you might think that you’ll never be able to wheelie your bike. But we can assure you that with Jeff’s coaching, you will be riding 20ft wheelies before the afternoon.

Trail Riding!
After hours of practicing these skills, it’s time to have some fun on the trail…that’s if you’re not too tired.

We will show you some incredible trails here in St George, UT. You will experience, firsthand, why many riders consider Southern Utah the ultimate riding destination for mountain biking.
After you sign up for the event, we will share our trail ride details with you on the Itinerary Page for this event.

I am confident that you will LOVE this clinic. Why? Because it’s an opportunity to:
Learn New Skills and Gain Confidence
Meet Great People and make new Friendships
Experience Epic Mountain Biking Trails

What’s Included:

  • Meet and Greet Dinner
  • Professional Instruction – 2.5 Days
  • Lunches
  • Industry Swag


$450 per Person

Booking Instructions:

The folks who send it their deposit first will get their spot secured. So if you want to attend, please send your deposit ($200) via PayPal to Sales@AdvenduroTours.com. In your PayPal note, please indicate which clinic you want to attend. We will send out a second email with a confirmation after payment. The class is limited to 16 participants and a minimum of 12 is needed to make the class. If the class is already full when you send it your deposit, you will be sent a refund immediately.

Getting Here & Getting Around

Airport Shuttles – Most of you are driving here, but for those flying into Vegas we recommend using St George Shuttle, if don’t get a rental car.

Rental Cars / Uber – The St George airport has a rental car location at the terminal. Uber and Lyft are also readily available in the area.

Shuttle to Mesas – We’ll be working with the folks at Gooseberry Shuttle to get to the mesas. Riding the shuttle is almost as much fun as riding the trail. So we highly recommend taking the shuttle rather than driving yourself. For the folks who want to ride Grafton Mesa on Saturday afternoon, the shuttle will be available to pick us up.

Bike & Gear Rentals – Please contact our friends at Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane. They have the best bikes around…you can even rent the same bike that Jeff will be riding, the Ibis Ripmo! Just tell them that Chris from Advenduro recommended you. Schedule the pick-up of your bike for Saturday morning. UPDATE – Over the Edge Sports now has a wide selection of E-Mountain Bikes and you can ride them on the mesas.

Lodging Options

Hotels – Many choices here that you can find on Kayak.com, but I recommend staying in Hurricane. Staying in St George is fine, just budget an extra 25 minutes to get to Hurricane.

Camping – I know a few of our friends are camping on the mesas. That’s always fun, but it might be cold at night. A great camping area near Hurricane is the Sheep Bridge Road area. It is first come, first serve.


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