Advenduro began with the hope of giving more people access to the outdoors and experiencing the beauty of our country without the fear and anxiety of planning and mapping a trip. We strive to give unique, personalized adventures with low stress and maximum enjoyment.

Adventure plus Enduro  is where Advenduro was born.

We work with you to choose an area based on wants and skill level. We cover areas in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and all of Utah.

You can be surrounded by trees, lakes, mountains, or desert. And possibly all four in one day!

But remember: You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

Do I need to know how to ride a dirt bike or mountain bike?

We offer a beginner friendly class for both mountain bikers and dirt bikers. It is required to participate in a full scale trip.

ALL drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license to rent a dirt bike.


What level of difficulty is right for me?

Trails are rated by the technical challenge involved throughout the course; elevation gain or loss, physical exertion, and trail length do not have a direct correlation to any “difficulty” level. Most trails are rated relative to other trails in the region.

Entry Level:
These trails generally are wide enough for a new rider to feel comfortable and not constricted; you are unlikely to find significant drops veering immediately alongside the trail. The ground is fairly firm and stable with minimal loose or slippery areas. Generally speaking the average grade of the trail tends to be around 5% or less, with a maximum trail grade of 15%. You will likely encounter small to medium obstacles along the trail, though most of these are avoidable without leaving the trail. If you come across any technical challenges (teeter-totters, elevated bridges, jumps, logs, drop-offs, et cetera) there will be another route around those challenges. Most of these trails are fairly accessible if you decide you want to end your day early, or if you need to return to the trail head within a short time.

An intermediate trail allows for some navigation around obstacles; generally they tend to be wider than 18-20 inches. There can be some variability in the riding surface, though the majority of the trail is stable. The average grade could be as much as 10%, but will likely not exceed a 15% grade. Unavoidable obstacles on one of these trails could be as large as a cantaloupe, with other obstacles simple to maneuver around. You could find a bridge you’ll have to cross on trails like these, but they tend to be wide enough that you may plant both feet on either side of the bike. There’s also the chance that if water is running, you’ll make a stream crossing or two. These trails are still within a reasonable distance from the trail head if something happens during your ride, but you may encounter pockets where you are not in range of cell service.

An advanced trail could be as narrow as the length of your foot, but could also widen enough to allow two riders to pass one another. The riding surface can be widely variable; you may encounter loose gravel or dirt, possible mud, and larger rocks formations. The average trail grade tends to sit right around 15%, though it could also be less. Along the trail you could encounter unavoidable obstacles (like roots, rocks, and logs) high enough to challenge your bike’s ground clearance. It is also possible to encounter loose rock on a trial like this, though it can sometimes be avoided. Technical features are likely to appear, some of which may be unavoidable. Every so often on an advanced trail, you may come across a section that feels like it should be considered “highly advanced”, but those sections are usually short-lived. On an Advanced trail you are usually out in the wilderness, susceptible to whatever the elements have in store. It’s possible that you could be traveling for some distance without shade, or in areas where there is no place to refresh your water supply. Being within range of a cell tower on one of these rides can be very iffy.

Highly Advanced:
These trails are not recommended for riders who do not feel comfortable on an Advanced trail. Trail width could be as narrow as a handspan, with widely variable and sometimes unpredictable riding surfaces. The average trail grade is often more than 20%, and you will likely not find many stretches of trail which will allow you to wind leisurely at a slow coast. On a highly advanced trail you are guaranteed to come across unavoidable obstacles higher than your bike’s ground clearance, and it is very likely that there will be some technical features on the trail which will challenge balance, precision, and sheer guts. Many sections of the trail could even exceed the general criteria laid out in this description. On any Highly Advanced ride, there can be some severe consequences for not being prepared. Some trails are completely without cell phone reception (sometimes from even before you reach the trail head), and it’s possible you could be hours away from medical attention, should it be needed. Take great care to be prepared with a first aid kit, water, and do not ride one of these trails alone.


Can I combine dirt bikes and mountain bikes in one trip?

Yes! That’s one of our specialties. Our founder, Chris Castle, has been linking dirt bike and mountain bike trips together for years in his personal time. With this company, he can put that experience to work for you.


Advenduro Tours believes that a safe ride is a fun ride. If you’re planning to bring your own gear on the trip, we will check it over to make sure everything is trail ready! Advenduro Tours also has a limited selection of gear available for rental at the trail-head.

Mountain Biking:
Helmet (full-face or 3/4 acceptable), eye protection (sunglasses should have a neck strap), gloves (fingerless or full finger), and stiff-soled shoes (for beginners: if you don’t have dedicated clipped or clipless mountain biking shoes, low-rise hiking shoes are a good way to start). We suggest, but don’t require: elbow pads, knee pads, and chest & back protection, especially if you plan to go on one of our more advanced trips.

You want to be comfortable on the trail, so moisture-wicking clothing is usually great to wear. We also recommend tee-shirts or light-weight long sleeved shirts with UV protection. Shorts are fine on the trail, but we recommend they have a long inseam. If you have padded bike shorts, don’t hesitate to bring them! Your body will thank you. Lastly, don’t forget comfortable athletic socks. We guarantee you’ll be sweating on the trail, and you want your feet to be happy.

Moto Enduro:
Full-faced motocross helmet (these are lighter and allow for more airflow than street helmets, and are much preferred on the trail!), eye protection (goggles that fit around your helmet), full-fingered motorcross gloves, chest and back protector (vest or vest with shoulder pads), elbow pads (some jerseys have elbow padding built in), knee pads (many motocross pants have knee armor built in; this is usually the most comfortable option), and motocross boots (moisture-wicking socks are advised).

A lot of motocross gear is meant to be worn close to the body, not over many layers of street clothes. On the trail, too many layers means you’re over-heating and not as focused on the fun. Lightweight polyester or synthetic fabric jerseys are the best option to throw over your torso armor. They fit without binding, allow for effective moisture management, and keep your arms protected from the sun. Motocross pants are ideal for the trail; not meant to be worn over street clothing, they protect you without constricting movement.

All Trips:
For all trips, we require a personal hydration backpack and suggest sunscreen and a change of clothes if you plan to go straight to dinner after a day on the trail.


Can I ship my bike prior to my tour?

Advenduro Tours offers shipping and assembly services. We make shipping easy and once it arrives, our mechanics can assemble your bike for a hassle free arrival.

Give us a call or email us to discuss what you are shipping. Then use the label format below.

Shipping Label

Advenduro Tours
3388 S Paiute Rd
St. George, UT 84790

Additional Shipping Info

Your Tour Dates
Assembly or Hold for Owner (pick one)


What is your cancellation policy?

There is some flexibility should you need to cancel your tour. Call or email us to discuss options.

Cancellations prior to 30 days of the tour will be refunded all moneys paid less a $25 handling fee per person. Cancellations less than 30 days before the tour will forfeit the full price of the tour. All cancellations must be made by EMAIL  – NO EXCEPTIONS.

30 days prior to your trip departure your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the remaining balance unless you have otherwise notified us.

Advenduro Tours reserves the right to cancel or reroute any tour due to acts of nature, trail conditions, insufficient number of participants or unforeseen circumstances that would hinder our ability to run a trip. If Advenduro Tours is unable to provide you with another trip that is satisfactory, all moneys paid will be refunded and shall constitute full settlement with you. Advenduro Tours is not responsible for any additional expenses that may be incurred by a guest in relation to a cancelled tour including costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, sickness and non-refundable air tickets and/or any penalties associated with such tickets.

Vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, kosher…just let us know and we can build a menu to suit your needs.


What if it rains?

MTB Tours can go on rain or shine. Southern Utah has several trail systems that are very fun when it has just rained.

Do you offer any other pick-up locations?

Yes! We are able to pick you and your crew up anywhere within an hour of St George, UT.

Are cameras & video recorders allowed on the tours?

Yes! We highly recommend that you bring your own camera or drone. However, our guides will take plenty of photos and videos, so you can focus on the activity. Many of our guests prefer rides that focus on gathering great photo or video footage. If that is your goal, please let us know in the comments section.

Should I pack a Lunch?

Yes, we recommend that you bring your own snacks, hydration, and food. But our guides will provide an assortment of snack and refreshments before, during, and after the ride. Our trailer has a large cooler where you can store your food.

Do you guarantee my satisfaction?

Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with the experience, we will refund the guiding fee.

Are the tours conducted on in English?

Our founder speaks German and Spanish as well. We have many guests from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Mexico. But Enduro is an international language, so almost anyone will be able to communicate during our tour.